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vrijdag 19 augustus 2016

Bloghop Stamp Impressions - Vacation

It is such a pity: vacation is over yet. It went all so fast...
But I enjoyed every minute of it.
We own a chalet, in Voorthuizen - a lovely little village on the "Veluwe", just about 80 kilometers from Germany. It is about an hour driving from our living place and if possible in our agenda, we go there to enjoy every minute. It is all so quiet there, with nice little birds and squirls. Some cats too, our dog barks at them very furiously but never catch them. It's just a play.

We had a few rainy days in the beginning, not so bad anyway because we could read and relax from hard work the past time.

The sixth day we got a call from our daughter: she gave birth to our firstborn grandchild, a beautiful boy named Bram.
We were excited of course and almost couldn't wait to see this little boy. First she had to rest, and in the meantime I could finish the banner I made for them, announcing Bram's birth to the world.
You can imagine this was the highlight of our Vacation this year.

We enjoyed the rest of the days, sitting in the sun, barbequed, doing some little trips and enjoyed our neighbourhood.

The last day I treeted myself to a workshop Handlettering. I found out that I am very precise, but that is not necessary. You can play along as you wish. Fun to do! I am sure I will continue the lessons in the future.

P.S.: Excuse me for the bad fotography. Couldn't get the light better.

I hope you will enjoy my input to this bloghop - it's the first time I made a layout like this. Usually I don't do this sort of things (I am not familiar to it), but I thought this could be a good challenge to me.
I hope you will enjoy the entire bloghop. The next blog is from Lolascrap, I think she has very good work done for us to see

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7 opmerkingen:

  1. Fijn dat we hier gewoon nog met de vakantie doorgaan; nog vandaag, 't weekend en dan nog twee weken!
    Voor al die vroege vakantiegangers: Geniet van de weekenden dan maar? Groetjes, Gerrina

  2. Des vacances inoubliables pour toi Yolanda, et de jolies pages ;) Félicitations pour la naissance de ton petit-fils :)
    Unforgettable holidays for you Yolanda, and nice layouts ;) Congratulations for the birth of your first grandson :)

  3. Wat een heerlijk jongetje. Leuk hé om oma te zijn. ;)
    Je hebt er super leuke pl pagina's gemaakt.

  4. Mooi gedaan en wat een lief kereltje.

  5. What a great vacation! Wonderful news and congratulations!
    A very nice PL-Layout.